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Q- What do you provide?                                                                                                                          

A- Muscle! Heavy Lifting! We load/unload moving trucks, PODs, Pack Rat, ABF trailers Re Lo Cubes or can rearrange furniture in your home!


Q- Do you provide a truck? 
A- No, we provide moving labour only. You are responsible for renting your own moving truck.


Q- Can someone drive, pick up and return the truck for me?  
A – Yes.


Q- How do you charge?

A- We charge an hourly rate.

Two-person crew. $89.00 per hour.

Three-person crew $119.00 per hour.

Four-person crew $139.00 per hour. 

We round up charges in 15-minute increments. Example: Crew begins work at 9 o’clock and completes job at 1:50. We round up to 2 o’clock, you will be charged for 5 hours. We have a THREE-HOUR minimum.     Our crews work nonstop until your job is done.


Q- How long will it take to load/unload my truck, trailer, POD?

A- These are the U-Haul national averages.  


Truck Size

Load Only

Unload Only

Load and Unload





10' Truck

2 Person Crew 1 to 2 Hours

2 Person Crew 1 to 2 Hours

2 Person Crew 2 to 4 Hours

15' Truck

2 Person Crew 2 to 3 Hours

2 Person Crew 1 to 2 Hours

2 Person Crew 3 to 5 Hours

17' Truck

2 Person Crew 2 to 3 Hours

2 Person Crew 2 to 3 Hours

2 Person Crew 4 to 6 Hours

20' Truck

2 Person Crew 2 to 4 Hours

2 Person Crew 2 to 3 Hours

2 Person Crew 4 to 7 Hours

26' Truck

2 Person Crew 3 to 5 Hours

2 Person Crew 2 to 4 Hours

2 Person Crew 5 to 9 Hours


Add 1 hour per flight of stairs.

Adding Crew members will reduce load/unload times.

Drive time between locations is on the clock.

Carry distance to truck 20 to 50 feet add ½ to one hour.

Carry distance to truck over 50 feet add 1 to 2 hours.


Q- What size truck do I need or how should I reserve the truck?

A-Here is a U-Haul link to reserve a truck and shows the size trucks available. http://www.uhaul.com/Trucks/  you may also want to check Penske and Budget


Q- Do you do long distance or out of state moves?

A-  No, however many people will hire us to load the truck then drive to their new out of state residence and have a local crew unload.


Q- Do you guarantee your appointment times?

A- Yes with a one-hour window due to traffic conditions. Example, a 9 o’clock appointment time would have us arriving between 9 and 10 o’clock.


Q- Do I need to be present when the crew loads/unloads my truck?

A- Yes, it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure all items that you want moved are loaded on the truck as well as directing us which items you would like us to shrink wrap or blanket for protection. Upon unloading the truck, we will place items wherever you like but someone must direct us where you want your items placed.


Q- Do the movers supply hand trucks and appliance dollies.? 
A- No, we are a moving labour service and the customer rents/supplies moving truck and equipment.


Q- Will your hourly rate begin when you arrive on the job or when you begin work?

A- When we begin work. We like to take 10 to 15 minutes reviewing the job with you before we begin work. What are the heaviest items? What items are fragile? Do we need to disassemble furniture or beds? Then we get to work, on the clock.

Q- Do you sell boxes, tape, packing paper? 
A- No, we suggest U-Haul, Lowes or Home Depot.

Q- How do I pay? 
A- Check or cash. 

Q- What if something doesn't fit? 
A- Our movers will not force anything that could cause damage. If it doesn't fit they will move the item to a location near where you want it to go. Make sure your truck is big enough; always better to go a little larger just to be safe

Q- What about my flat screen TV? 
A- Flat screen TV’s should be boxed and ready for loading. We recommend U-Haul Flat Screen Moving Kits; available at U-Haul Centres or online here is the link http://www.uhaul.com/MovingSupplies/Boxes/Electronics-boxes/Flat-Panel-TV-Kit?id=16343. We do not insure damage to flat screen TVs.



Q- Will you move my mirrors and pictures?

A-   Yes, customer must pack in proper boxes to prevent damages. Here is the link http://www.uhaul.com/MovingSupplies/Boxes/.


Q- What if there's damage? 
A- We insure anything that “WE” wrap in blankets and then shrink wrap at six cents per pound (the national average). IN NO EVENT WILL WE PAY MORE THAN $300.00 FOR DAMAGES.   



Q- Do I (the customer) provide the moving blankets?

A- Yes, the more the better to protect against damages.


Q- Some of our furniture is make of press board do you insure those pieces against damage?

A-No, press board is a poor quality temporary type of furniture material and does not travel, support weight or load well. We use BEST EFFORDS in protecting these pieces against damages.  


Q- Can you disconnect my washer/dryer.

A- Yes, but please inform us if advance so we can have the proper tools. We are not plumbers but will use Best Efforts to connect/disconnect your washer/dryer.


Q- What items will you not box or load on the truck?

A- The movers will not pack or load hazardous materials; including paint, household chemicals, medications, food, important papers, jewellery, cash, guns, gas, propane.  

Q- What about my pets, young children or granny?

A- On moving day, conditions in your home may be dangerous for pets, small children and granny. Please make arrangements


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